How to Prepare for Your First Music Festival

For those who regularly attend music festivals they know just how much fun it can be, not only having the opportunity for seeing and listening to favorite artists, but also enjoying a really unique experience with like-minded people.

However, your first music festival can be quite daunting as you do not know what to expect or how to prepare. This is a list of what preparations you must make to ensure you get the best out of your adventure.

Your Music Festival Prep

There are three main areas that you should be prepared for:

  • Find out all about the location
  • Create your own essentials list that you will need
  • Do your research on tip and ideas

Find Out All About the Location

Each festival is held in a different location which makes them unique and is often the theme of the festival.

  • Research the weather – you need to know what sort of weather to prepare for, this generally depends on the time of year. Make clear that you pack for day and night, so for the chill of the evening and the warmth of the day. And remember you probably will be staying up far later than you usually do.
  • Check social media – visit group discussions on the festival, you will get some great first-hand tips from festival veterans. Read and learn from what they say.

Create Your Festival Essentials List

Depending on the location you will have to create your own essentials list in order to enjoy the festival as much as possible.

  • Tent – obviously for accommodation
  • Easy up – for shade during the day
  • Rope – always important when camping
  • Waterproof tarps – you never know when you may get rain
  • Tapestries – good for sitting on and add color
  • Sleeping mat – to keep your bedding off the floor
  • Coolers – for all your food and drink
  • Hot plate / burner – for cooking
  • Plates & cutlery – to make eating more hygienic
  • Chairs – somewhere to lounge about on
  • Personal items – sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, washing essentials
  • Batteries – for items such as torches and radios

Research Tips & Ideas

Going to a music festival is much more than going to a live concert, it is a lifetime experience, a chance to meet new friends and to greet old. So it is most important that you make it the very best experience that you can.

  • Make an itinerary – plan each day of the festival so you do not miss out on anything, write down times and the band names, then put the venue. Perhaps color code the different stages for ease.
  • Make up your home – first priority is to set up camp, don’t rush this as you will find it all coming down on your head in a storm.
  • Bring your own tribal flag – trying to find one tent in a field of hundreds is not easy, so pick a name and hoist it high.
  • Study the site – when it is still daylight get the lay of the land, try to use landmarks such as toilet blocks etc.

If you follow all of the above then your first festival will be a huge success and then it is only more of the same for your subsequent festivals.