Important Steps for Organizing a Great Charity Event

Fundraising events can be a fantastic way to raise monies for a charity or group of charities. However, depending on the scale of things they can take a lot of organizing. The success of the event will largely be attributed to the level of planning that has gone into it. If you are thinking of organizing a charity or fundraising event, then this post is for you. We will aim to highlight some of the most important elements that must be considered.


Before getting carried away you need to check that you have a valid purpose for holding your event. Ask yourself, “Will my event resonate with the people it is aimed at?”. If the answer to this is “Yes”, then that is your “green light” to get things going. Be honest with yourself and work out if it is a true fundraising event or if your corporation is trying to raise publicity for itself. The latter doesn’t make it a negative event, but it is better that you acknowledge this before you get set.

Set a Fundraising Goal

It’s essential that you set some form of goal for your fundraising event. Failing in this area to set something realistic will make it virtually impossible for you to be able to measure your event against either success or failure. Get everyone together to discuss possible expenses and try not to leave anything out. It is usually good practice to add an extra 5–10 % onto your overall costings. This way an unforeseen eventuality won’t be as bad as it could have been.

Target Your Audience

The next step is to decide on who you are targeting and make sure they are invited to your event. It might sound simple, but this is an area that if not dealt with properly can have negative repercussions on the success of your charity event. Think about how you might reach the groups of people. Will it be word-of-mouth, social media, direct advertising? Or could it be a mixture of these, plus other avenues?

The Pre-Set Up

The staff that are responsible for the event set up need to be well drilled and should know what is required a long time in advance. Things that need to be considered will likely include:

  • Location – where will your event be held?
  • Refreshments – will you need a license and what do you plan to serve?
  • Catering – is food going to be provided?
  • Entertainment – will there be any form of entertainment?
  • Dress code – what will guests be expected to wear?

This isn’t comprehensive, so you should spend some time brainstorming this with the others on your committee.

Convincing Your Supporters

Like new products, your event needs to be aggressively marketed. Potential supporters will probably need convincing that your event is a worthwhile investment of not only their time, but also of their money. Spend as much time drawing up a robust marketing plan to get your event the publicity that it needs. Try to think outside of the box if possible and involve as many people as possible to ensure that the marketing doesn’t let you down. While this isn’t an a-z of organizing a great charity event, it should give you more than a basic outline of what is required. Hopefully by following the steps suggested above your event will be remembered for all the right reasons for some time to come!