The Best Classical Musical Festivals

When you mention music festivals people immediately think of rock, EDM, or jazz festivals. And often classical music is an after thought. But for people that love classical music they cannot wait for summer to come around as they can enjoy outdoor performances of their favorite genre of music, and here are some of the best classical music festivals that are to be found around the world.


Possibly England’s most famous and most loved festival is Glyndebourne. It takes place in East Sussex and has been under the control of the Christie family since its inception. For lovers of opera there is no better festival than Glyndebourne and this bastion of the aria has been entertaining crowds since 1934.

Glyndbourne is what you would expect from an English festival, it is refined and gentile and the stunning venue can host twelve hundred festival goers. The guests arrive in the afternoon and formally attired to first enjoy a picnic. Then there is also a long interval during the evening performance that acts as another civilized eating period.


Crossing the Atlantic our next festival in in Los Angles, we head to the Ojai festival created by Barbara Hannigan the music director and superb violinist. This June the performance card includes, The Rake’s Progress and Loney Child.


Staying in North America you can find the Tanglewood Festival which is the home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra during the summer months. Tanglewood is the American version of Glyndebourne, as it is a beautiful country estate and many of the concert goers enjoying picnicking on the expansive lawns.

As well as the fabulous classical rota, Tanglewood also hosts the John Williams Film Night, and an annual concert by James Taylor. This year the festival will feature Die Walkure, and Requiem by Verdi.


Back in Europe there is another fabulous operatic festival that is held in France. The Festival International d’Art Lyrique d’Aix-en-Provence was conceived back in 1948 and has been held every year since then. Although billed as an operatic festival there are also performances of the orchestra, chamber music, and solo artists.

The festival is split over several stunning venues which include; Theatre du Grand Saint-Jean, Jeu de Paumes, and Theatre de l’Archeveche. The theme of the 2019 event is the relationship between life and death.

The Hollywood Bowl

The world famous Hollywood Bowl has been the summer home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic for nearly a century. And the magnificent amphitheater can hold nearly eighteen thousand music lovers. By featuring regular performances of scores from famous Hollywood films, this famous orchestra can keep the venue full.

In 2019 there will be performances of a wide range of music genres from Verdi to Tchaikovsky and popular movies such as An American in Paris, and Jurassic Park. A great time to visit this festival is the 4th of July and visitors can enjoy the spectacular fireworks display.

These magical classical music festivals have all been around for many years, and for those of you think that pop music was the inspiration behind modern day festivals, think again.