The Best Secret Music Festivals – Part 2

The second part of our blog to find the best music festivals that operate under the radar takes us to Portugal, Hungary and Turkey. These great music events may not be as well-known as some of their bigger brothers, but do not let that fool you. These are serious events with top notch artists and DJ’s performing. No wonder their popularity is not lessening. Our first festival takes us to Portugal, though it could also be New York City, as it is basically one big block party.

Nova Batida

Welcome to Lisbon and one big block party called Nova Batida. The whole event takes over the disused tram terminals of Lisbon, together with courtyards and warehouses that surround them. The lineup is serious, with acts like Little Dragon, Egypt 80 and Seun Kuti and local boy DJ Marfox, who has taken his own brand of the ghetto music of Lisbon worldwide.

It is a brilliant festival to also take a city break holiday, the organizers have many events lined up during the day to keep everybody happy, including beach trips to learn surfing and even yoga classes. If you have never experienced Lisbon before, then this is an ideal way of killing two birds with one stone.


Cappadox in Turkey has to be the music festival with the most breathtaking venue. Take a trip into the beautiful mountains of Turkey and you will see amazing surreal rock formations that look almost like exotic chimneys reaching up into the sky.

As you are perched up high above the plain of Cappadocia, the jazzy vibe will be flowing over your body. Among the confirmed headlining artists are Kalben, Nicola Cruz, Mulatu Astatke and Christian Loffler. Cappadox is a brilliant festival if you love music, arts and food all wrapped together in a location that could be out of a Star Wars film.


Most people heading to Hungary for a music festival will probably have tickets for Sziget, which is one of the largest music festivals in Europe with over half a million punters. Still, if you do love music but a little more in a boutique style, then just outside Budapest you can find a small forest and the Kolorado Music Festival. This weekender gives you an opportunity to enjoy your favorite tunes while getting back to nature. The lineup is a little eclectic but nevertheless strong, featuring Kelela, DJ’s Lena Willikens and Vladimir Ivkovic, together with UMFANG.

Pete the Monkey

An unusual name for a music festival, but there is a reason behind the title as Pete the Monkey is a charity to raise money for a monkey sanctuary in Bolivia. The event takes place in Normandy in the small village of Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer, and, as it sounds, is a great beach location for this family-friendly festival. Pete the Monkey draws good acts to take the stage, and former performers have been Blue Hawaii, Acid Arab, Songhoy Blues, Nicola Cruz and We Were Evergreen.

In our concluding part of the coolest music festivals we travel to Scotland, Slovakia and, once more, to Portugal. Even more surprises of top underground festivals will be uncovered.