The Biggest and Best Music Festivals – Part 2

Festivals have grown enormously in popularity and new ones are popping up all the time. They appeal to a very broad spectrum of people who like to something a little different in some of the summer months. In our last first blog post we took a look at 3 festivals from the UK and Serbia. If you are thinking of going to a festival then this blog post will explore some of the very best, giving you an insight as to why they have become so popular.

Meadow in the Mountain

Quite simply one of the most breathtaking festivals around, Meadow in the Mountain is set against the backdrop of Bulgaria’s Rhodope mountain range. The organizers of this event have a commitment to the environment and source their wood for the shacks from the local forest. Appearing live on the many hand built stages are bands that play; funk, dub, jazz and alternative music. You will want to stick around for the after-show pool party. Tickets for this part of the festival can be bought separately, but are well worth the monetary investment.

Burning Man

Held in Nevada, the Burning Man festival has become an icon in recent times. Thought by many to be much more than purely a festival, the Burning Man is often described as a community that has been built on 10 practical principles. You won’t find corporate sponsors at this event. What you will find is thousands of people that are there for the common goal. Black Rock City expects participants to, well, participate. They don’t book stars or acts. What happens at the Burning Man event is purely down to the people that attend. Attending this event will require the following:

  • Collaboration
  • Connectivity
  • Creativity
  • Inclusivity

In addition to the above you also must be prepared to clean up after yourself. Leaving no trace and caring for the environment around you are fundamentals to the people that enjoy the Burning Man experience every year. The event is on such a scale that the promoters even take the time to put together a document that teaches people how to survive the event – Find it here –  Survival Guide Burning Man. If you have never been, then now is perhaps a good time to commit and get it booked into your calendar. You won’t have experienced anything quite like this anywhere else in the world!

Governors Ball

New York’s only major music festival is now much more readily accessible since its move from Governors Island to Randall’s Island. While the ferry is still the best way to attend this festival, you can also get there by bus, walking and of course the train over the RFK bridge. Aimed strongly at “Brooklynites”, the Governors Ball offers locals and tourists alike the opportunity to lose themselves inside the Big Apple. Some feat in itself!

We hope that you have enjoyed reading a little more about some of the best festivals on the globe. Stay tuned for our next blog post which will aim to uncover some great information on a few more.